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Agenda Center

Council’s regularly scheduled meetings are on the first and third Thursday of each month, at 7 p.m. Council holds special meetings at other times as needed.

Agenda preparation is coordinated by the Office of the City Clerk. If there is an item you wish to place on a council agenda, contact the city clerk to discuss the options for doing so. Many categories of items must first be considered by one of council’s standing committees. (Funding requests in particular must first be considered by council’s Finance Committee.)

If you wish to receive council agendas in advance of each meeting, please make a request to the city clerk.


Our new CivicClerk platform to right is where we will be managing our agendas, starting November 3, 2022. To enable staff and councilors to learn this new platform, it is only being used for council agendas and other documents pertinent to council meetings for the time being. Early in 2023, the platform will be rolled out for all council committees.

This page offers access to council and committee agendas, packets, and minutes posted since November 3, 2022. (For earlier records, click here.)

You can sign up for notifications when these documents are published. To take advantage of this feature, scroll to the bottom of the CivicClerk module, click the “Login” button, then click “create account.”

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