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Building, Code Enforcement & Zoning

The Building, Zoning & Code Enforcement Department is responsible for:

  • Issuing building permits
  • Monitoring compliance with building and property maintenance codes
  • Making zoning determinations and issuing zoning-related permits (e.g., signs, fowl, etc.)
  • Issuing permits for sidewalk dining and monitoring compliance with the rules of this program

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Building Inspection

Elkins City Code requires that property owners, whether individual or business, obtain a permit to erect, construct, install, repair, alter, or enlarge any building or structure or any electrical wiring (apparatus or appliance), any gas system (apparatus or appliance), or plumbing system or fixture which is or will become part of the structure.

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Code Enforcement

The purpose of code enforcement is to preserve the quality and value of public and private property by ensuring that maintenance standards are uniformly and equitably enforced and that all properties are maintained and occupied for use in a safe and appropriate manner. The code enforcement officer also oversees the vacant property and rental registration programs and sidewalk dining.

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The city’s zoning code regulates how land may be used inside Elkins. This code divides Elkins into sections, or zones, and stipulates the kinds of businesses, housing arrangements, and buildings that are and are not allowed in each. The code also imposes rules concerning sign type and placement, buffers between commercial and residential properties, and short-term rentals.

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Phil Isner

Zoning Officer/Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector

401 Davis Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241
304.636.1414, ext. 1431 (office)
304.635.7132 (fax)


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