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Waterfront Study

As part of the city’s work with HubCAP, City of Elkins contracted with Pickering Associates to perform a study of development opportunities connected to the Tygart Valley River waterfront area.

The Study

“Development and utilization of the Tygart River is in alignment with the areas of Transportation, Economic Development, and Land Use as outlined in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This effort is also in harmony with the City’s Vision Statement. In conjunction with the 2015 Comprehensive Plan, the City of Elkins worked with the Woodlands Development Group to create a Master Plan specifically targeted toward the riverfront in 2016. The plan was titled, “Master Plan: Riverfront Redevelopment – Elkins, West Virginia, Phase 1 – River Street Neighborhood and Adjacent Riverfront.” This Master Plan covered topics such as socio‐economic status/development and historical impact/preservation. This document is aimed at complementing the Master Plan while going to a more granular level on the physical development of the riverfront from an engineering and regulatory frame of reference.

“This Waterfront Study will explain data gathered in an effort to understand the opportunities, restrictions, and existing conditions of the Tygart River frontage within the City. This study will be limited to the stretch of river from the flood control structure near River Bend Park to the Davis Avenue Bridge (See Appendix A for the Study Area Map). A summary of the gathered data will be provided at the end of this Study.”

Download the Study

For More Information

Sutton Stokes

Elkins City Clerk

401 Davis Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241
304.636.1414, ext. 1211 (office)

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