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High Priority Alerts
  • No Spring Cleanup
    We will no longer be offering Spring Cleanup.

    Because of the city’s monthly bulk-item pickup program, we will no longer be offering Spring Cleanup. Don’t wait until spring, put your items out each month.

    Bulk Pickups
  • New Alley Parking Limits
    Council recently imposed limits on alley parking citywide.

    Parking is no longer allowed in downtown alleys under a new law passed by council. Outside the downtown area, alley parking remains allowed under certain conditions. The primary reason for the changes is to ensure access for emergency vehicles.

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Important Notifications
  • Street Sweeper Schedule
    The 2022 street-sweeping season begins Monday, May 2. Starting May 23, Elkins police will ticket vehicles left parked on streets scheduled for street sweeping. More Info
  • Forest Festival Information
    During the week of the Mountain State Forest Festival (Oct. 3-7), all trash will be picked up on the usual days, but Thursday/Friday pickup will start early.

    Trash must be outside no later than 5 a.m. on Thursday, October 6 and Friday, October 7. City hall will be closed to the public Friday, October 7.

    More Info
  • Elkins Halloween Schedule
    Halloween trick-or-treating in Elkins will be observed Oct. 31, 6:30-8 p.m.

    Make sure to bundle those little unicorns and goblins, it’s supposed to be drizzly and go down to a low of 34º. And use the crosswalks, ghosts are hard for cars to see in the dark.

    Elkins Halloween Schedule
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